We produce with real Italian hands, between the region of Sardinia, Molise and the Marche. 99% of our materials are of Italian production. Every line and every detail is designed to meet the goal of uniqueness and quality strongly desired by our brand. We carefully search for different types of materials: natural and vegetable, recycled from plastic, from old stocks and waste materials from previous collections, cooperating to achieve the ultimate goal: reduce pollution and start production processes with zero impact.
Our goal is to create handmade accessories, but at the same time futuristic both for aesthetics and ethics that composes them.
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What are dead stocks and what are they for?

We intend to optimize all the resources used, reducing production, avoiding new ones and optimizing those already realized until the existing materials are exhausted. In this way the productions will follow a more natural, less frenetic and more harmonious cycle, guided by a logic of awareness without waste, reversing the trend of overproduction of fast fashion. We created the Dead Stock program: we carefully search and select the animal free materials that lie in the warehouses of manufacturers and façonists, with the only fault of being advanced or out of fashion. We check their performance and divide them by high and medium-low quality. Those of value are intended for production, while the others are intended for secondary uses (labels, bags, tags). In this way we honor the resources used to produce them, we exhaust them and at the same time give them new life. Otherwise they would have become a sure refusal and therefore a cost. 
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Pineapple Leaves

All bags from this collection, are made only with Pineapple leaves and cotton. This precious material comes from the waste from the pineapple cultivation in the Philippines. It has unique properties because its unique texture generated by the natural fiber of the leaf, gives extreme uniqueness and at the same time an enviable yield over time. Thanks to its characteristics, in fact, it is naturally scratch-resistant, resisting also to a particularly extreme and aggressive wear, especially in the natural opaque variants.
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Be wise with your planet

Made with Nature

All the bags of the cork collection, are made with the bark of the cork oak variety present in our territory and in the Mediterranean basin. It’s a special material that’s very resistant to wear and friction, durable over time. In the natural variants it has a soft and warm touch, while in the colored or printed versions its texture is masked but with the pitfalls of time almost like a living being, it manifests its experience by returning wear to its flesh-colored nature. This makes it an incredible material that allows a constant and repeated restoration over the years in the colored variants, ensuring a return to the state of purchase of the product, without time limits. For this reason, our bags are guaranteed 24 months from the time of purchase, and then hold a lifetime assistance if you want to restore and bring them back to their initial stage or improve as much as possible the aesthetic conditions after use.
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  • Ron Marine Eco

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    Ron Marine EcoRon Marine Eco
  • Ron Green Eco

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  • Cork

    Natural fabrics from the bark of oak from which it is removed every 9-12 years to avoid damaging the quality
  • Dead stock

    The goal of our philosophy is optimize! Let us give new life to high-quality fabrics from dead stocks that would become waste
  • Recycled plastic

    Recycled fabrics from plastic bottles from oceans, to clean our planet through the fashion
  • Corn & Pineapple

    Two natural fabrics: one derived from dedicated corn productions, and the other one from pineapple leaves from food industry
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